Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lace front?

A lace front unit comes in a variety of styles.  You can pick your choice lace size from 13 x 3.5, 13 x 4.5 13 x,5,or  13 x 6 inches. 

The size basically details ow much parting space you have on the unit.

All units have lace in the nape. Unit can be worn up in loose styles.

What is a 360 Unit?

360 units have lace around the entire perimeter and tracks sewn in pre sewn into the crown of the unit. It can be worn in a high ponytail. 

What is a Full Lace?

Full lace units are constructed strand by strand thru the entire unit. There is a small area of stretch in the crown to allow for hair growth. If you suffer from hair loss or choose to wear a cap underneath then you have the option of purchasing a full lace unit with lace thru out the entire cap. Full lace units can be parted from to back side to side, anywhere. As well as worn in high ponytails

How do I know the details of the Unit?

When searching for a unit click on the "Description" Tab located beneath the photo carousal.

The "description" tab gives you the Origin, Length, Color, Density,Cap Design

How Does Lay-a-way work?

Layaway is available for phone orders only and all deposits are non refundable. Your can lay away any unit stock or custom for 50% Down. you have 30 to 60 days to pay the balance.

If I choose not to order online what are my other options?

LWBR accepts payments thru Cash App, Zelle, Paypal Google Pay, & Apple Pay. All Payments are final! No Exceptions when choosing these methods. There is a small fee when using Cash App,Paypal

Do you sell the the men "Afro" texture top closure that can be cut by barber?

Yes! They will be in stock soon

What does Density Mean?

Density refers to the amount of hair on a unit. You can choose between 130%, 150%, 180%, 200%, 250%.

130% mostly resembles a normal head of hair. As the density increases on a unit so does the cost

Are your wigs one size fits all?

No wig is one size fits all. All in stock wigs are standard size Medium. 22.5 circumference. Those who have smaller or larger heads or full hairlines would need to measure their head first before purchasing a unit. If it is not standard size then we suggest you ave a custom unit ordered. There is an additional cost for all custom units.

What are custom units?

Custom Units (Cranial Prosthesis) are units that are made specially for you to you head shape and measurements. You chose the lace color,hair,hair color, density, and cap design

Do you accept insurance for those suffering hair-loss?

You must first contact your insurance company and find out if they cover hair loss. Be sure to refer to unit as a cranial prosthesis. Some companies only allow up to a certain dollar amount yearly or bi yearly so you may incur out of pocket expenses. Others may only do reimbursement in which you would need a receipt of purchase before they mail you a reimbursement check

How do I report bugs on website?

If for any reason the site is operating incorrectly please email us @ LWBR19@gmail.com so tat we may correct te problem immediately.