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Lace By Renee Application Services
*Application, Removal, and Maintaince of your lace unit
(*prices subject to change without notice)
Lace Wig Application
Frontal / Partial Application                                 $60 & up
*includes prep and application of frontal /partial and basic styling
(all Cuts,Trims,& other styling xtra)
Lace Wig Application                                       $65 - $125 & up 
*Lace Wig applied with extended wear adhesive for hold up to 3-8 weeks. Includes wash,condition and braiding of ones hair and attachment and BASIC styling of unit.
(all Cuts,Trims,& other styling xtra)
Units purchased elsewhere fee: additional $10 for synthetic lace and $15 - $20 for human hair lace regardless if previous unit was purchased here.
Any unit being applied that was not purchased from Renee is considered a "SALON SERVICE" and will be charged according to price list.
Touch Up                                                                     $5 *minimum
*Small area needing to be re-glued. This fee is in addition to any and all services and includes cleaning of the area and glue only. Any styling is extra. (price apples to all touch ups regardless how small the area or how recent it was previously glued
Lace Wig Removal                                              $10 & up
* Price starts at $10 for wig removal only for persons without hair. Includes removal of unit and residue.  Removing of unit and braids starts at $15 
Wig Cleanin Service is curently only available for drop off. 2- 3 Day Turn Around
Wig Cleaning                                                       $20 - $35 additional
*includes glue removal, washing and drying of the unit. If unit is tangled or has excessive glue the fee will either be higher or unit may not be accepted for services.
*We are not responsible for any tears  or hairloss during cleaning due to improper removal or neglect in care. The excess removal should be on your hair not on the unit and unit should be detangled before having service
Wig Repair/Restore
*if you experience hair loss but your lace is still intact you can have your unit repaired by having more hair added and texture restored. $100 deposit is required at time of drop off. Please allow 6 weeks for all repairs on units that are received clean and free of all glue. if wig is not in return condition then additional fee of $35/up must be paid before unit is shipped. Turn around time is longer for units that have excessive glue and are tangled as all needs to be removed in order for manufacturer to accept for repair.  May take up to 8 - 12 weeks in those cases
Lace Wig Repair                                          $200 - $250
*include shipping fee to and from factory,removal of adhesive,cleaning and drying of unit,hair added,and texture restored. If unit has excessive glue and tangles and/or rips and tears then the fee will start at  $200
*We are not responsible for any tears during cleaning due to improper removal or storage of unit,as well as any increase in hair loss due to excessive tangles. The adhesive should be on your head not on the unit
*Please do not store wigs/frontals tangled or with glue buildup and bring them in to be serviced after months of being stored this way. Unit should always be stored clean and free of any and all glue. LWBR has the right to refuse units in this condition
Lace Wig Application Info
*   Please order your unit with a level of how much mantainenece you want to handle.
Excessive buildup of adhesive is damaging to the lace. When a unit is removed the adhesive should be on your hair not on the unit. I will not be responsible for any tears that may occur because of this.
*If you are requiring an appt for lace wig application please make sure that you do call in advance as this type of appt is time consuming and needs to be made at least a week in advance if possible.
*If you have a stock or custom unit  that is purchased from someone else the prices are greater as it becomes a Salon Service that you are requesting an appt. for regardless of how or if you were previously charged a lower price for units purchased from my salon.